Property Management

Because all communities have different needs and issues, we pride ourselves in exercising great flexibility in the manner in which we structure our involvement; therefore, we have no fixed or standardized contract terms or conditions. We arrange and price our services in a way that best meets our mutual business objectives.

Over the past 20 years, we have developed, documented, and field tested all policy and procedural framework to address virtually every aspect of the day-to-day operations of a senior living community including:

  • Business Management-Administration and Accounting
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Marketing
  • Personal and Clinical Care Management
  • Food Services
  • Housekeeping
  • Maintenance – Property Management
  • Activities and Social Services
  • Transportation
  • Personnel Administration and Human Resources Management
  • Staff Recruitment, Selection, Orientation and Training
  • Quality Assurance

Your project can benefit from our experience.

With PSL as manager, your project will receive continual and consistent professional oversight and judgment with respect to the following critical management issues:

  • Evaluation and assistance in understanding your facility’s strategic advantages, develop strategies to maximize market opportunities, assess alternatives, and develop alternative profitable approaches for your community.
  • Provide ongoing assessment and guidance concerning market feasibility, financial feasibility, labor, licensing and other business and regulatory considerations.
  • Guide and facilitate ownership in organizational mission, developing operational goals and objectives, improve market position, financial performance, and organizational effectiveness at all levels.
  • Evaluate informational requirements, data collection, and processing. Design and develop integrated business planning, budgeting, and business information systems.
  • Evaluate and assist in creating effective quality assurance and staff development programs, resident programs, care management, marketing and community relations, cost containment, and asset management.
  • Recommend needed changes in operating systems, policies, and procedures. Facilitate changes in protocol, policy, or procedures.
  • Design and negotiate vendor relationships and recommend changes respective to product-service vendors.
  • Provide intensive management training for on-site facility managers and other members of the management / supervisory team.

Senior living communities are becoming increasingly regulated by state governments. PSL can guide you through the process of initial licensing and ongoing compliance with applicable rules and regulations.

We have developed policies and procedures that are consistent with quality assurance programs, philosophy of care, and are compliant with regulatory agencies in the area that we operate.

We proactively evaluate the compliance of our policies and procedures with current regulatory requirements, and develop appropriate responses to all regulatory review inquiries.

We are committed to maintaining excellent relationships, through open and responsive communication with the regulatory agencies with whom we interact, and continual legislative monitoring though our staff and the State and National Associations which we are members of, including: the American Senior Housing Association, Assisted Living Federation of America, the Alzheimer’s Association, as well as other state health and long terms care associations.