Financial Feasibility/Funding/Underwriting Support

Determination of economic feasibility is a critical part of the development process. Our work is based upon both research into local markets and years of experience in the actual operation of facilities.

Our 30 Years of Hands On Operating Experience give us a unique understanding of ALL of the numbers !


Project Proformas – Investment Analysis

  1. Critical Development Cost Assumptions
  2. Financing Assumptions and Capital Structuring
  3. Pre-Lease, Absorption, and Stabilized Occupancy Assumptions
  4. Critical Operating Assumptions
  5. Stabilized Master Staffing Plans, Wage and Hour Schedules
  6. Pre-Lease Budgets and Lease Up Absorption and Cost Projections
  7. Detailed Annual Income and Expense Projections through Income Stabilization
  8. Five to Ten Year Income and Expense, and EBDITA Projections
  9. Cash Flow Analysis, Investment Return Calculation. IRR & ROI
  10. Underwriting Analysis and Risk Assessment
  11. Estimate of Stabilized Value

Estimated Completion Time: 2-3 weeks from the date of engagement if separate from Market Feasibility Study, otherwise, delivered with the market study.

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All of these tasks and functions have proven to be invaluable in determining the project’s correct debt levels and overall performance as an investment vehicle.

All Feasibility reports are prepared and presented in formats consistent with each client’s specific debt and equity underwriting criteria. Our studies have been approved and accepted by HUD, as well as Conventional Lenders, and Bond Financing.

SITE SELECTION: Location is the one aspect of the project that will never change, and PSL understands how market dynamics, demographics, land economics, and marketability impact a project’s success.

We can assist you in your search for the optimal site for your project, from simply developing a site selection criteria checklist, to actually identifying and analyzing your site(s). PSL has the experience to assist you in positioning your project correctly from the start.