Design Development Services

Inefficient Design will cause operating headaches, increase operating costs, and reduce net operating income, FOREVER.

PSL’s perspective, as a seasoned operator/marketer, can assisplan-ot you in making design decisions today which will positively impact your bottom line for years to come.

From a cursory review, to ongoing support, Paradigm Senior Living can make valuable input into the overall site design, architectural design, interior space planning and facility programming, in ways that will maximize marketability and efficiency in operations.

Our design development services assist developers in many ways which facilitate the realization of projects within established schedules, budgets, specifications, and give the project a competitive edge from its’ entry into the market, well into the future.

Fees for developer services are based upon the size, scope and complexity of the engagement. Fees can be arranged on an hourly, fixed price, or a total project cost basis.