Comprehensive Market Feasibility Analysis

Paradigm Senior Living can tailor the scope and cost of your project feasibility study to meet investor-lender underwriting requirements. By delivering the right scope and depth of information to the right parties, at the right time, we can save you time and money in the feasibility/funding process.

Market Studies may include any or all of the following components:

Geographic Market Conditions

  1. Site Location Maps
  2. Local Economic Trends and Population Trends
  3. Trends in Population by AgeDefinition of Primary and Secondary Market areas

Part II – General Demographic Research and Analysis

  1. Collection, Tabulation, and GIS Color Mapping of Demographic Data for the Primary and Secondary Market Areas:
    • Market Depth of Senior Population by Age (75+) and Income ($40,000+)
    • Market Depth of Caregiver Population by Age (45-64) and Household Income ($75,OOO+)

Part III – Specific Primary Market Demand Research and Analysis

  1. Estimated Non-Institutionalized Population 75 + Age GroupCover Pages from Loveland CO Market Analysis2
  2. Size of Non-Institutionalized Population 75 + Age Group by Income
  3. Demand for Personal Care (Assisted Living) by Rent Level
  4. Demand for Independent/Congregate Care by Rent Level
  5. Demand for Assisted Living and Independent Living Based on Caregiver Market
  6. Demand for Non-Institutional Dementia Care

Part IV – Competitive Analysis

  1. Recommended Best Senior Housing Use of the Site Overview and Recommendations of Units and Services
  2. Detailed Competitive Profile – Existing Facilities
  3. Detailed Competitive Profile – Proposed Senior Housing Services and Projects
  4. Detailed Analysis of Secondary Competitive Marketplace (Alternative Care and Housing Options)

Part V – Conclusions and Recommendations

  1. Market Analysis Conclusions
  2. Potential Market for Various Levels of Senior Housing and Services
  3. The Effect of Current and Future Supply
  4. Required Penetration Rates

Part VI – Recommended Specific Facility Prototype

    1. Recommendation of Product Type(s)   i.e. AL, IL, MC etc.
    2. Resident Apartments – Unit Size & Mix
    3. Recommendaiton of Amenity Spaces and Services

Service Program Components

  1. Ancillary Services
  2. Regulatory Issues
  3. Management – Marketing Issues

Estimated Completion Time: 45-60 Days from the Date of Engagement.


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