Paradigm Senior Living Staffing Services

PSL can become the employer of record through a contractual legal arrangement – referred to as permanent employee leasing. In doing so, PSL bears responsibility for payroll administration, taxes and withholding, workers compensation, unemployment insurance, medical benefits, and related government mandated regulatory compliance and reporting.

Benefits to Business Owners and Managers:

  • More time to focus on operational and marketing challenges as a result of reduced amount of time spent on administrative chores
  • Controlled costs and managed risk related to workers compensation and unemployment claims
  • Improved cash flow and predictability of expenses
  • Increase your competitive recruitment edge by offering comprehensive benefit packages
  • Reduced risk in connection with employee-related laws and regulations
  • Ability to attract and retain higher quality employeesExecutive Businesswoman

Benefits to Employees:

  • Access to previously unavailable retirement and health care benefits
  • Prompt, accurate payroll delivery
  • Industry specific training about the issues YOU care about

Workers Compensation & Unemployment

  • We assume workers compensation & unemployment liabilities, and handle all claims
  • We don’t require a deposit for workers compensation coverage. You pay regularly with your payroll
  • We eliminate year-end audits — no more lump sum workers compensation charges
  • We can help to eliminate penalties for late tax payments and non-compliance
  • We help you identify potential hazards and we recommend safety programs

Payroll Administration

  • We process your payroll and handle all the paperwork – verify timesheets, calculate deductions, and print and deliver checks
  • We assume your payroll liabilities
  • We process and issue all year-end W-2´s

We make calculations and deposits for FICA, Federal, FUTA, state and local

Paradigm Senior Living Staffing Services uses state of the art “Cloud Based” HR Management Software justlogo