We’ll Tell You What Others Won’t!

We have been hands on operators for a very long time ! We understand the assumptions and the realities behind the numbers and can help put your project on track and keep it there.

Using our unique Operations & Marketing Audit Methodology – we can review and analyze a range of your activities including:

Group of Businesspeople

  • Community Identification/Differentiation
  • Staff Utilization and Performance Evaluation
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Community Relationship Marketing Effectiveness
  • Lead Tracking and Fulfillment Systems
  • Planning Methods
  • Strategic Alliance Opportunities
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising, Creative and $’s
  • Assessment of Service Offerings
  • Identification of Niche Opportunities
  • Market Research
  • Budget: Expenditure/Benefit Analysis
  • Budget Control Audit
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Competitive Intelligence

Contact us about our Operations-Marketing Audit Services for a no-obligation discussion by dialing 1-877-267-6868, or via the Contact Us page on this site.