Operations and Marketing Audits

Paradigm Senior Living will conduct management and operations audits, productivity improvement programs, and program evaluations for your community.

Typically, management studies review the positives as well as improvement opportunities in the following areas: business organization, budget and business planning and management systems, staffing levels, and major operating practices. We also review specialized areas such as: staff utilization, training, recruitment and selection, equipment utilization, and facility usage and needs.

Management audits conducted by a firm are highly interactive opportunities between the consultant and client which seek employee input in a variety of ways including administration of a Resident and Employee Satisfaction questionnaire, and if desired, use of a management/employee steering committee to monitor study progress.

Marketing Audit Services can help solve those nagging questions about your community, its identity, your services, your people, your systems, strategies – and YOUR EXPENDITURE.

We highly recommend you get to know your own community before attempting to know your prospective residents and referral sources.

Far too often, senior living communities invest time and money in senior living marketing, advertising and PR strategies, without really knowing why. It’s called the blind shotgun approach.

Marketing Audit Services can lower your base costs, increase revenue, and create a more viable competitive advantage.