Rendering of Cooperwood Senior Living in Flowood, Mississippi

Cooperwood Senior Living Opening Soon in Flowood, MS

  Cooperwood Senior Living proudly brings the finest in Assisted Living and Memory Care to Flowood, Mississippi.  Cooperwood is a true home distinguished by comfort, wellness and love, made possible by a team that understands how to provide residents with a quality of life other assisted living communities simply cannot match. Visit their website

community staffing

7 Challenges Facing Senior Living Community Staffing

The average cost of hiring a new staff member is $4,420. When staff turnover is high, these costs can cripple an operator. Costs range from hiring expensive bank staff to spending hundreds of dollars a month advertising on job boards. You then need to spend tons of man hours sifting through applications, interviewing candidates, and training new staff up to …

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8 Tips for Building Owners with Housing for Seniors

With over half of the U.S. population, over 65 million, over 50 and heading households, it’s clear that in the next decades, the demand for a wide range of housing for seniors with diverse needs must be met.  In fact, a researcher in demographics from the University of Virginia by the name of Hamilton Lombard says that the community of over-65ers will …